Audio Mix

  • Film and Television mixing
  • Dolby Digital 7.1 room
  • Detailed listening with JBL Series Cinema
  • Updated Protools HDX
  • Avid S3 + Protools Dock
  • Crown amplifiers
  • Dolby Sound Processor CP750
  • Air-conditioned rooms with landlines and Wi-Fi internet connection

Sound mixing for film, television, documentaries, short films and commercials.

Our mixing room is equipped with a large screen that allows for precision and comfort during work sessions in a soundproof environment that guarantees a perfectly calibrated sound check.

Listen to your films like at the cinema!

Cinema, TV, Web. The perfect sound for every need

Sound editing / Sound Design

There is never any end. There are always new sounds to imagine; new feelings to get at. John Coltrane

  • Sound editing
  • Music editing
  • Effects editing
  • Foley Art (effects – sounds)

  • International soundtrack
  • Dolby and DTS transcription
  • Transcoding; broadcast and theatrical deliverables
  • Verification and sound QC as per SMPTE, ITU, EBU, AGCOM specifications


Would you ever read Tolstoj in Russian?

Stanley Kubrick - Kubrick defending Italian dubbing

  • Voice over and multi-language dubbing
  • Neumann and AKG microphones
  • Dialogues translation and script adaptation
  • JCommercial jingles and original music
  • HD screening on wide screen
  • Soundproof and air-conditioned room

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